Sideshow Sign Co. is one of those companies I've watched grow rapidly. One day I found them, I looked at their site, stared at their work, dreamed of owning my own custom sign, and pinned the above S. Next day (exaggerating a bit) I go back with the purpose of placing an order and I find a note saying something in the likes of "We have more work than we can handle and we are not taking any new orders at this time" 

Now they have a completely new site, and they no longer list options for custom orders with affordable pricing. Instead, they show a gallery of their work – it's amazing of course. And, I can't help but notice some big names.

I have nothing but admiration for talented people that work their bottoms off (I'm a mom) and achieve greatness. All these images are from the Sideshow Sign Co. website. Visit them to enjoy more awesomeness.

(Ok. That's definitely an S, and maybe a G? Are these for me?? Could it be?? : D
Just keep dreaming… just keep dreaming... )

AuthorSusana Gay